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Our Story

Béla was born in a home studio in Atlanta, Georgia, out of a need to find holistic means to manage a stressful working life. My wife and I are from India and Yoga was always a part of life for us, but not frequently practiced. That changed a few years ago when we started exploring alternative holistic ways to help with my wife’s daily stressors, frequently aggravated by her extensive business-related travel to Africa and Asia.

While she started pursuing a multi-faceted routine under the guidance of her instructor, I started researching ancient Indian herbs to complement her routine. Being a trained chef, I started experimenting with various ingredients that were commonly used in India and supported by the learnings of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic and teachings.

While there were (and still are) multiple foods and beverages to supplement active lifestyles, none of them were suitable for my wife, or in general for Yoga. High protein supplements didn’t make sense, and neither did caffeine-rich energy products.
Two years of research led to a daily routine of herbs that proved to be remarkably effective in balancing my wife’s dosha – or the unique mind-body balance in Ayurveda. The combination of Yoga and the herbs was very effective in helping her overall wellness! That was the a-ha moment that inspired me to develop formulations aligned with the holistic mind-and- body goals of Yoga.

Both of us strongly believe that obtaining the right nutrients through a balanced diet is significantly better than taking supplements. Which is why we developed beverages that can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, rather than supplements that provide specific so-called “dietary ingredients”. While a concentrated dose of an dietary ingredient might help in the short-term, we believe it is the herb that truly delivers broad and lasting health benefits.

The name Béla has special meaning. It is derived from the Hindi word for Jasmine, pronounced Beyla. Jasmine signifies love and purity, and is known across the world for its amazing fragrance. It’s a popular and revered flower in India, not just for its beauty and fragrance but also for its spiritual significance and holistic uses. The name also draws upon Bella (Italian) / Belle (French & Spanish), meaning beautiful, saluting my wife who inspired the product. The Tree Pose in the Béla logo signifies the balance and harmony that we strive for. Beyla, Bella and the Tree Pose capture our essence.

We hope you enjoy and love our products as much as we do, and would love to hear from you!